3 minutes of cryotherapy is the only thing standing
between you and your best-self

We often neglect the recovery aspect of a wellness regiment. Whether you are an Olympic athlete preparing for your next meet (or game…or match!), a casual sports enthusiast or simply someone who likes to feel good, the odds are that you are not prioritizing recovery. This can lead to unnecessary soreness, pain and even chronic disorders.

What if I don’t have time?
After only 3 minutes in our Whole Body Cryotherapy sauna, you’ll feel reinvigorated, re-energized and ready to take on your next challenge. 

“Exposure to cold has profound effects on many parts and functions of the body, including the brain, immune system, and metabolism, among others. Perhaps the most clear-cut examples of cryotherapy’s beneficial effects are observed in the brain, where levels of the hormone and neurotransmitter norepinephrine – responsible for vigilance, attention, focus, and positive mood – increase markedly when the body is exposed to extreme cold..

Dr. Rhonda Patrick, FoundMyFitness Founder

The Benefits of Whole Body Cryotherapy