How much does cryotherapy cost?


Perfect for those who love cryotherapy but have hectic schedules or who want to share cryotherapy session. Packages are valid for a year after purchase and are transferable.

New Client$35
Single Session$55
3 Sessions$149.99
10 Sessions$399.99
20 Sessions$699.99
Cryo Packages

Monthly Memberships

Perfect for those who are committed to their health and plan to consistently visit us. Monthly memberships require a 3 month commitment (Emperor Penguin excluded) and are transferable. No rollovers.

Little Penguin
(4 Sessions)
King Penguin
(8 Sessions)
Emperor Penguin
Monthly Cryo Memberships

That’s an incredible service! The best restorative option for athletes to recover in less than 5 minutes. So many benefits! It is a very innovative solution and treatment that you can enjoy for a very affordable price. The staff is plenty of experience and 100% customer EX focused. You will repeat for sure!


Marcos Del Pilar, PADEL USA